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So You’ve Been Featured In GradPsych

Since I just returned from an extended round of internship interviews (I will probably do another series on the internship process at some point), this week’s post will be shorter than usual. I need my beauty rest.

You may recall from my Thanksgiving post that my dissertation was featured in GradPsych. Part 2 of that series was published online this week. I highly recommend following the other students featured, since their projects present a variety of projects from different programs and can provide insight that my experience lacked.

GradPsych periodically presents profiles and series of graduate student experiences. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to be part of this one because I responded to a Twitter post by APAGS. They did not specify if I was the first to reply, or if I was at a point in my dissertation that worked for the project (the author of the piece mentioned they were interested in following someone who was post-defense), or if they just liked the sound of my project. Regardless, it was a great opportunity to share my knowledge. It also forces me to continue thinking about my dissertation even though I have completed my defense. For the majority of graduate students, the dissertation sits on their bookshelf and is never looked at again. This is perfectly fine – the purpose of writing a dissertation is to graduate, and that happens after the defense (or much later than that in my case).

Because my project consisted of a manual that can be implemented in real-world settings, I am hoping to make it available as a resource for university campuses looking to improve their outreach and response to victims of sexual violence. However, making this happen means that I need to continue to contact various universities. These contacts are usually ignored all together, so the process can get frustrating. Knowing that I will soon have to record another video detailing my progress keeps me motivated to keep working so that I have more to share.

My (hopefully) next step is to find a way to make the entire project available for download online. The manual was published online through my university, but I would have been required to pay a fee to make the full version free to potential consumers. For now, I look into alternatives. If anyone knows of a way to do this, or knows of a university that might be interested in implementing the manual, please contact me. When it comes to graduate school, if something is not a challenge, then it is probably not worth pursuing.

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