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So You Got An Internship

I did it! I did it I did it I did it!!! Early Monday morning the email came through and confirmed that I was among the lucky few who matched in Phase II this year.

To anyone reading this who did not match, I feel your pain – I was in your shoes a year ago, and it felt terrible. Do whatever you need to to grieve, take care of yourself, and re-charge. I hope I can serve as evidence that the re-application process is not as fatal as it seems right now.

It’s a great feeling to know that the end is in sight, to look at my 2015 calendar and say, “On THIS date, I will have my doctorate.” It also feels good to have a set plan laid out for me for the next year. I remember scrambling for clinical jobs and hearing either that I was overqualified because of my masters, or that I was ineligible because I was not licensed at the masters level. Right now all I need to do is fill my time until September 1st, my first day as a Predoctoral Intern. Because most clinical positions are not looking for short-term employees anyway, I find myself flashing back to college as I apply for summer jobs in retail and manual labor. It will be a good way to decompress from everything that was graduate school, dissertation, and applications before plunging into internship.

Over the next several weeks I hope to impart some of my acquired “internship wisdom” into this blog, with posts about choosing where to apply, putting together applications, conducting interviews, and ranking. For now, to provide a visual aid for those of you who have not gone through this process, this is the average graduate student’s projected mentality over the course of the application process:

And now I am going to go home, put on my big underpants, and take a nap.

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