So You’ve Decided To Get A Hobby

My doctoral program consists of three years of coursework, one year devoted to dissertation, and then one year of internship. Because I was able to complete my dissertation while working on my coursework, I have the luxury of exploring some other interests during my fourth year, when I am not too busy stressing about my internship applications. We have officially reached the point in the process when my ranks and my site’s ranks have been submitted, and I must wait another two and a half weeks for the computer to decide whether or not I will be graced with a placement. (More on that another day. I have plans in the works to present you with another comprehensive series about what it is like to get an internship in psychology, but until I have secured my own placement, the stress of thinking about it causes me to want to completely shut down and hide under my bed until it’s all over.)

Thanks to Pinterest, I have recently re-engaged my crafty side and started making jewelry. Nothing overly fancy, just simple pendants made from what materials I can afford. Working with your hands can be a great way to relax and focus nervous energy. Unlike my roommate, I lack the patience to learn how to knit, but between the two of us we are hoping to create enough product to enter into a craft fair later this year. Again, this was a perfect way to give myself a goal to focus on unrelated to my program. Hopefully I can create something for which others would be willing to pay money.

It is easy to forget that I used to do things other than being a graduate student. It is easy to forget that I used to do things that were unrelated to my schoolwork. For me at least, having things that I enjoy doing is not enough to keep me motivated in my self-care. So my roommate and I decided to find local craft fairs and set a deadline for ourselves, and on May 24th we will debut our “art projects.” Who knows, we might even make enough cash to reimburse ourselves for the cost of our supplies.

Below are some samples of what I have made so far. If anyone is interested, I could try my hand at coming up with tutorials (or trying to remember which tutorials gave me the ideas to make them in the first place).

And now I am off to dig out my car. Best of luck to everyone in staying warm!

Shattered marbles wrapped in wire

Flattened glass marbles decorated with nail polish

Flattened glass marbles with excerpts from an old textbook fixed to the back

Examples of my finished products